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Commative calls it quits, and Ultimento is abandoned. How do you fix Ultimento?

Well, it was a big surprise to see that Commative completely abandoned the Ultimento theme, leaving tons of subscribers scratching their heads. The popular and very robust theme for Magento Community installations was a good product and had a lot of nice features, so it’s very surprising to see it completely relegated the age of extinction.

They did send out the email with the files to unlock it, but if you didn’t get in there to fix it before they completely shut the server down, you might have a nasty pop-up saying that you are using an unlicensed version of Ultimento that comes up with every page load, and you have to wait 15 seconds or so to close it. Frustrating.

So… well here’s the email:

The Commative Team is sad to say that after a fantastic run, we must now close our doors. Unforeseen personal circumstances have forced us to move on from this great venture and we now look forward to the next chapter in our lives.

In honor of our great customers and the promise of an open Internet, we leaveUltimento free and accessible to all who have worked with us.

There are three files that enable the validation functionality on Ultimento. By substituting those three files on your server with the ones provided below, you can bypass any checks against validation and use Ultimento on as many sites as you like.

  1. /app/code/local/Ultimento/Theme/Helper/Utils.php
  2. /app/code/local/Ultimento/Theme/etc/system.xml
  3. /app/code/local/Ultimento/Theme/etc/config.xml


Thank you for all your support and best of luck with your own Magento enterprises.


The Commative Team


Copyright © 2014 Commative, All rights reserved.
We send special offers to customers who purchased Ultimento and who opted in to our newsletterOur mailing address is:


PO Box 123

Pasadena, CA 91105

All is not lost if you feel abandoned by Ultimento. If you missed out on the files, or don’t want/have time to dig into fixing the Ultimento validation error, we can fix these files for you. Send us an email: We can get your Magento Admin running like new in less than 24 hours.


Kelly Myers

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