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New Domain Suggestion Tool

One of the most frustrating things about trying to settle on a name for your website can be finding a name that isn’t already taken. This internet thing seems to be catching on, and a good domains are hot commoditites. Say you have a company that makes cowbells. Obviously, your ideal domain would be “”, but dern, it’s already taken. It can be quite annoying. That why I am happy to announce the release of our Domain Suggestion Tool. Using the advanced API we now off the ability to enter any keyword or desired name, and receive a list of TLD’s, variations and even name synonyms that ARE available. While you aren’t able to register “” it shows you on the same screen that “” is available (or maybe “” for you SNL fans). No need for applause, you cowbell aficionados, It’s all in a days work.

Kelly Myers

Ballistic Websites is an Internet Marketing Company based in Knoxville, TN. Our Mission is to help small to medium sized businesses leverage the internet to increase revenue, and stay competitive in today's economy

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